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to strontium / calcium substitution within the crystalline structure. This has been shown in some examples to be due to temperature fluctuations in marine environments, which affects salinity levels, which in turn facilitate the substitution. Victoria Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles. References edit Flügel, Erik (2010 Microfacies of Carbonate Rocks: Analysis, Interpretation and Application, 2nd., Springer,. . Ancient ooids can be calcitic, either originally precipitated as calcite (as in calcite seas or formed by alteration (neomorphic replacement) of aragonitic ooids (or the aragonite anticiper option binaire layers in originally bimineralic ooids). A hypothesis of growth by accretion (like a snowball) from the polymineralic sediment of fine aragonite, high-magnesium calcite (HMC) and low-magnesium calcite (LMC must explain how only aragonite needles are added to the ooid cortex. Marine calcitic ooids were typically formed during calcite sea intervals, especially during the Ordovician and the Jurassic Periods. Low Mg/Ca ratios favor the precipitation of low-magnesium calcite.

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Moldic ooids (or molds later filled in by calcite cement) occur in both young and ancient rocks, indicating the removal of a soluble polymorph (usually aragonite). A thin slice of calcitic ooids from the Carmel Formation, Middle. Growth factors edit There are several factors that affect ooid growth: supersaturation of the water with respect to calcium carbonate, the availability of nuclei, agitation of the ooids, water depth, and the role of microbes. After being buried under additional sediment, these ooid grains can be cemented together to form a sedimentary rock called an oolite. Both in tangential and in radial ooids, the cortex is composed of many very fine increments of growth. Bahamas, for example, or in the. Pisoids are similar to ooids, but are larger than 2 mm in diameter, often considerably larger, as with the pisoids in the hot springs at Carlsbad (. Some modern (and ancient) ooids partially or totally lack clear layering and have a micritic (very fine grained) texture. Jurassic, of southern Utah, USA.

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