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satisfaction of the mfsa; The target markets and clients of the applicant; Due diligence investigations; and, the level and nature of operational and business risk involved. Other Staff, the competence requirements are applicable to individuals occupying senior positions with the licence holder and who report directly to the Board of Directors, such as Senior Manager, Risk Manager or Head of Trading: These individuals have to prove to the satisfaction of the. Moreover, commencement of business is subject to having the requisite number of personnel in place that will guarantee compliance with the dual control principle on an ongoing basis. By definition forex is restricted solely to the trading of currencies, however a licence holder is able to (i) deal in financials instruments for own account and to provide any other type of investment service covered by the individual licence; (ii) if wanted operate an investment. We cater for all corporate needs, from incorporation to the day-to-day services, including registered and, subject to availability serviced offices, corep and regulatory filings, bookkeeping etc; Payroll and Relocation Assistance, assistance in the relocation of directors, managers and employees of the License holder. . Systems, if the applicant intends to use a proprietary online trading platform, whether developed in-house or not, the Authority requires evidence that such system has been certified by an independent IT Auditor, duly qualified, and that it has a satisfactory track record when used. In addition, the Authority may also require active participation in the management of the proposed entity by the qualifying shareholder/s.

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Lors dun investissement forex chinese yuan sur le Forex, un trader averti étudie plusieurs critères et, parmi ceux-ci, on compte la localisation géographique de son courtier. For those wanting to trade options in popular Forex pairs or commodities such as gold and silver, the AvaOptions platform may be preferred. Other Forex Brokers by regulation authority. 3 Number of clients, May 2018. Expert Advisors, applicants are expected to have a clear policy on the use of expert advisors by its clients, as part of their trading strategy. Customers can find the instrument they wish to trade with ease and either take a buy or a short position. The risk management function is considered to be an important function in such a business; hence it is a requirement for both Category 2 and Category 3 licence holders.