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Legislation (or statutory law) is law that has been promulgated (or enacted) by a legislature or other governing body. Second schedule continued. (4) Subsection (2 a) does not prevent a public officer from accepting a gift from a relative or friend given on a special occasion recognised by custom. (2) For the purposes of this paragraph, officers (a) includes the members of the board, by whatever name called, carrying out or empowered to carry out functions relating to the overall direction and management of a bank or financial institution described in subparagraph (1. (2) In carrying out his duties, a public officer shall not violate the rights and freedoms of any person under Part V of the Constitution. Conduct heures forex investir of private affairs (1) A public officer shall conduct his private affairs in a way that maintains public confidence in the integrity of his office. (3) Where a money remittance operator is licensed under these Regulations, it shall at all times maintain a minimum core capital of not less than ten million shillings before the commencement of operations and increase the core capital to twenty million shillings by the thirty-first. Systemic risk reductionto reduce the risk of disruption resulting from adverse trading conditions for banks causing multiple or major bank failures. Temporary closure of business A money remittance operator facing operational challenges, disclosure of which shall be made to the Bank, will be required to seek prior written approval from the Bank to close or suspend the operations of the money remittance operator temporarily. (2) The key officers referred to in subregulation (1 b) must have (a) attained at least an ordinary level certificate of education or its equivalent; and (b) adequate knowledge of money remittance operations and knowledge of applicable laws.

City Finance Bank Limited. Under section 41,.N. (13) The Bank may (a) in addition to the provisions of subregulation (12 institute civil proceedings against a money remittance operator or a person for the recovery of the penalty; or (b) direct that any part of the penalty which remains unpaid after a particular. Condition for certain disclosures to police, etc. 30(4 a) (1) The Commission forex Australie abs or the administration officer may authorize staff of the Commission for the purposes of section 30 (4 a) of the Act. Political neutrality (1) A public officer shall not, in or in connection with the performance of his duties as such (a) act as an agent for, or so as to further the interest of, a political party; or (b) indicate support for or opposition. The following are the prescribed fees for the various licences as outlined in the table. (2) No application for replacement of defaced notes shall be allowed if the Bank proves that the affected currency was counterfeit and the Bank shall, in addition to the penalty prescribed under paragraph (3 confiscate the counterfeit notes. Any person in possession of currency exceeding the limits specified in regulation 2 shall declare the amount to the Customs Officer at the point of entry or departure. National Bank of Kenya Limited.

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